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Telstra PBS x Fortinet “SASE Day” to build secure and agile global network architecture for enterprises

Telstra PBS x Fortinet “SASE Day” to build secure and agile global network architecture for enterprises

On March 16, the "SASE Day" jointly organized by Telstra PBS and Fortinet was held in Guangzhou, with the theme of "Secure Access to the Internet and Smooth Work at Anytime and Anywhere!". The event attracted more than 100 IT leaders from retail, smart manufacturing, overseas enterprises, foreign trade, and other enterprises to participate.

With the development of the enterprise digital transformation process, making enterprise software and digitalization a core competence of enterprises, while treating software services as digital services as external output as a core business, has become the primary goal of enterprise digital transformation.


In this process, more applications will be migrated to the cloud, and cloud-based architecture design and development models are increasingly carried out using cloud-native models, which include both technology (microservices, agile infrastructure) and management (DevOps, continuous delivery, etc.), and are a series of Cloud technology collections with characteristics such as speed and agility.


As the business environment changes, most enterprises are increasingly characterized by branch collaboration, decentralized operations, multiple deployments, and mobile working, which, while significantly improving productivity, also face challenges in terms of security and efficiency. As enterprises move to the cloud and the mobile office trend continues to expand and normalize, the adoption of traditional network architecture models, in addition to increasing network overheads, also suffers from insufficient network application awareness, low remote access capabilities, increased data security threats and increased difficulties in operations and maintenance troubleshooting.

SASE has four main features: basic network access, security authentication, cloud deployment, and unified management, enabling cloud, network and security anytime, anywhere (i.e. network as a service, application as a service, security as a service, and security as a service). The SASE platform is designed to help enterprises adapt to the network and security requirements of cloud transformation in a more agile manner.

- Telstra PBS SASE Platform Security Deployment Model -

The "SASE Day", jointly organized by Telstra PBS and Fortinet, focused on demonstrating the advantages of Forti security technology in the SASE architecture and the agile advantages of Telstra PBS's extensive resources and flexible access to the cloud to enterprise users. The event was well received by the participating enterprises.

← Mr. Cai Guanglin, Fortinet Senior Security Engineer →

Mr. Cai Guanglin, the senior security engineer of Fortinet, delivered a keynote speech on "Leveraging Telstra PBS to Build SASE Platform for Security and Network Convergence", sharing the SASE security solution composed of SASE Local Wide Area Edge (SD-WAN) + Cloud Security Service Edge (SSE) from the perspective of network and security convergence, which can be applied to user security anywhere and can effectively reduce complexity, eliminate multiple products, unify consoles to work efficiently and improve the end-to-end digital experience. With the SASE model jointly built with Pacific Telecom, SASE PoP based on SASE has jointly landed to serve several customers, dissecting multiple scenarios from the Internet, private applications, SaaS application security access, etc., bringing case sharing with real-world experience.

← Mr. Chang Cheng, Director of Enterprise Development Department, Pacific Telecom →

Mr. Chang Cheng, Director of the Enterprise Development Department of Pacific Telecom, presented the topic "Telstra PBS-SASE Ubiquitous Secure Access for Enterprises", describing the changes and trends in the development of the cloud, network, and security market and security boundary challenges, and that the SSE+ZNTA+SD-WAN model can be used to solve various problems such as enterprise traffic management, identity security, endpoint security, unified security management and any It can also address a wide range of issues such as enterprise traffic management, identity security, endpoint security, unified security management, and anywhere access. Based on Telstra PBS's global backbone network PoP, enterprises can quickly provide users with access to the SASE network through nodes deployed in various locations (as fast as 1 hour to set up), while relying on the collaboration between PoP points to achieve disaster recovery and optimal path selection capabilities; in terms of security, PoP points inspect traffic and achieve zero-trust authentication, abnormal traffic analysis, and behavioral audit, etc. In terms of security, PoP points inspect traffic and implement functions such as zero-trust authentication, abnormal traffic analysis, and behavioral audit. In response to the wave of Chinese enterprises going overseas, Mr. Chang Cheng also shared the efficiency and security capabilities of SASE in the overseas scenario.

- Telstra PBS can reach the global backbone network -

Technology changes life, innovation creates development, and security and network have become the booster in the process of enterprise digitalization, this time Fortinet and Telstra PBS strong cooperation will jointly create agile, secure, flexible enterprise communication products for enterprises, helping enterprises' digital transformation and development.

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