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Telstra PBS SD-WAN wins award - Smart Water project wins Best in Vertical 2022

Telstra PBS SD-WAN wins award - Smart Waterproject wins Best in Vertical 2022

On March 11, 2023, the 5th SD-WAN & SASE Summit was held in Beijing. This year's conference is one of the most influential annual events in the communications industry, guided by the China Communications Society and the "Science and Innovation China" Future Network Professional Technology Service Group, hosted by Jiangsu Future Network Innovation Institute, and organized by SDNLAB Community.

The themeof this year's conference is "Empowerment-Convergence-Security",which is exactly the direction and insistence that Pacific Telecom has beenfocusing on for years: " Strengthen the developmentof technological innovation, comprehensively build cloud, network, and securityconverged communication, and firmly focus on customer value service".


SD-WANhas been developed from a concept a few years ago. With the continuousdevelopment of technology and application and the enrichment of productinterfaces, the functions of SD-WAN are becoming more and more comprehensiveand mature. The Digital China strategy's rising requirements for enterprisedigitization have further driven the development of the SD-WAN industry.Building Digital China requires technologies such as SD-WAN to open the networkarteries, to better support digital applications.

On theone hand, SD-WAN converges security capabilities, and an evolutionary upgradeto SASE is a foreseeable goal. On the other hand, with the development of IoTand industrial interconnection, SD-WAN empowering industrial Internet, rootedin industrial IoT systems, integrating data sensing, interconnection, advancedcomputing, intelligent analysis, and other capabilities have also becomeanother major trend in SD-WAN development.


TelstraPBS has been increasing its investment in R&D technology and expanding itsbackbone resources in the SD-WAN field, launching its own SD-WAN products andservices in 2021, as well as developing and integrating Telstra PBS's ownSD-WAN products with PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) in the industrialInternet field. In addition, Telstra PBS's own SD-WAN products and serviceshave been developed to integrate with PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) inthe Industrial Internet field. It is the first company in the industry to usethe Industrial Internet Bus Protocol (open-source custom protocol), an open-sourcetransmission protocol for IT and OT, and has now completed the development ofend, edge, and cloud collaborative products.

At thisyear's SD-WAN&SASE Summit, Telstra PBS won the 2022 SD-WAN&SASEVertical Special Award with its quality innovation and service capability,"Smart Water Digital Transformation and Renovation Project", which isempowered by SD-WAN for Industrial Internet. This award is a recognizedconfirmation of Telstra PBS's ability to empower the Industrial Internet withSD-WAN and a sign that its SD-WAN solution has been recognized in practice inthe industrial sector.

In theSD-WAN & SASE Application Sub-forum, Mr. Chen Yingda, Director of ProductStrategy Development of Telstra PBS, was invited to share the theme of"SD-WAN Enables Smart Interconnection of Industrial Internet". TelstraPBS has entered the Industrial Internet, and through the product opens the fulldigital channel from the sensor to the cloud control platform, through thefusion of 5G-PLC + SD-WAN + cloud notification platform to create aplug-and-play cloud network security digital solution, to achieve an IOTgateway to solve the edge gateway, intelligent wide area, and IOT intelligentcontrol functions, truly realize the efficient, safe industrial interconnectionwide area private network.

- Telstra PBS -Director of Product Strategy Development, Mr. Chen Yingda -

Technologychanges the world. Once again, congratulations to Telstra PBS for winning the2022 SD-WAN & SASE Vertical Special Award, which is another major milestonefor Telstra PBS after receiving SD-WAN Ready 2.0 certification. Innovationdrives development, and Telstra PBS will continue to bring cloud, network, andsecurity-converged communications solutions to enterprises. We look forward toyour continued attention!

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