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Telstra PBS and Fortinet jointly launch – Cloud, Network and Security Convergence - SASE Security Product

Telstra PBS andFortinet jointly launch – Cloud, Network and Security Convergence- SASE Security Product

On April26th, Telstra PBS and Fortinet jointly held the "Cloud,Network, and Security Convergence - SASE Security Product" atRenaissance Shanghai Caohejing Hotel. At the conference, Telstra PBS andFortinet had an in-depth discussion on the trend of enterprise digitaltransformation and the key to the development trend of "Cloud, Network andSecurity Convergence". The two sides will carry out joint deployment anddeepen communication and cooperation in the field of cloud network securityconvergence - SASE products.


DefiningEnterprise Cloud Security

TelstraPBS as the only domestic partner of Telstra, it is a national high-techenterprise and an ISO-certified enterprise holding licenses for Internet data centers,Internet access, ICP, and multi-party communications in China, and can provideglobal enterprises with communication operation service solutions from cloud,network, and security, with global access to It can reach more than 2,000network hub nodes and multiple data centers worldwide, and quicklyinterconnects with mainstream clouds worldwide, providing one-stop servicesfrom network architecture design to after-sales operations and maintenance.

Fortinetis the global leader in network and security convergence and has been leadingthe network security industry in innovation since its inception, with a focuson keeping people, devices, and data safe anywhere, anytime. With theindustry's largest number of deployments, patents, and certifications, Fortinetis trusted by more than 500,000 stable users worldwide.

Cloud, Network,and Security Convergence - Ecological Cooperation

At thepress conference, Mr. CT Yan, CEO of Telstra PBS, said that in the new era ofdigital transformation, enterprises are facing various issues such as"location and space, governance and regulations, applications on thecloud, visibility and control", and "security" is an inescapabletopic. Fortinet is a global leader in the security field, and Pacific Telecomhas a global cloud backbone network with rich resources and excellent solutiondesign and service capabilities, the ecological cooperation between the two canbring a "1+1>2" chemical reaction, strong ecological cooperation,and complementary advantages. The two companies will be able to build a globalenterprise security network world in the field of cloud network security, SASE security!

-Mr. CT Yen, CEOof Telstra PBS-

Mr. LiHongkai, General Manager of Fortinet China, said that cloud, network and securityconvergence is an inevitable trend in the industry, and Fortinet is honored towork with Telstra PBS in the process of digital transformation to build acomprehensive coverage, deep integration, and dynamic collaboration networksecurity platform, to jointly realize customer value and achieve win-wincooperation in the future!

-Li Hongkai,General Manager of Fortinet China-

A Win-WinPartnership

At theconference, Telstra PBS and Fortinet launched a deep strategic cooperation,jointly launching a cloud, network and security convergence product, theSecurity Edge Access Service SASE solution, which perfectly integratesFortinet's network security platform and technical capabilities with TelstraPBS's global scalable network and cloud service capabilities, combiningendpoint security, access security, and network into a single, access security, and networking into a single solution that providesenterprise customers with a more comprehensive network security solution tohelp them better protect their data and networks.

SASE Secure Access Service Boundary - a new definition of security protection

TelstraPBS and Fortinet jointly SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) aims to provideapplication-as-a-service, network-as-a-service, security-as-a-service, andflexible edge access with cloud network security anytime, anywhere as a service,creating a cloud-native security platform covering all access edges.

At the event,Min Min Yang, Fortinet's Key Account Sales Manager for Eastern China, said thatthe two parties jointly created a zero-trust-based SASE environment that cancover SASE capabilities such as SD-WAN, security services, zero-trust access(ZTNA), security proxy gateway (SWG), cross-border application acceleration,SD-Branch, and network & security visualization. This comprehensivecapability can help enterprises better meet the challenges of network securitycomplexity, flexible office requirements and many other aspects.

Also, thejoint solution can perfectly support the three application scenarios of"secure acceleration of customer offices to public cloud and SaaS platforms","secure acceleration of mobile office workers' access to corporateintranet and cloud resources" and "fast opening of small branchoffices". Through the convergence with Telstra PBS, it creates a moresecure, comprehensive, flexible, and efficient single-vendor SASE solution thatoptimizes user experience, facilitates customer management, and maintainssecurity consistency.

-Min Ming Yang,Key Account Sales Manager, East China, Fortinet-

ChangCheng, Director of Enterprise Development of Telstra PBS, gave an in-depthpresentation on SASE application scenarios, functions and applications,security policies and security deployment, Pacific Telecom's global SASE PoP(can be set up in as little as one hour), and used the scenarios as an entrypoint to talk about how enterprise applications going overseas can beintegrated with localized SASE scenarios in China and user-side access access& ZNTA, and used a Medical device customer, based on SASE for globalsecurity networking case, for the company planning dedicated lines to the cloudand need redundant lines to ensure business continuity, as well as the lack ofprofessional IT staff in offices around the world, lack of unified operationand maintenance management, large security exposure surface and other needs andchallenges, the joint SASE solution through SD-WAN optimization, SSLVPN access,SASE POP nodes through Through SD-WAN optimization, SSLVPN access, SASE POPnodes through next-generation firewalls for secure access, unified O&M management,etc., the solution creates a fully functional integrated network + securitygateway for the company, realizes multi-service isolated networking and unifiednetwork management, branch multi-line redundancy, guarantees high reliabilityof network and service, as well as centralized O&M management of globalnetwork equipment, freeing it from IT maintenance shackles and significantlyimproving business efficiency.

-Chang Cheng- Director of Corporate Development,Telstra PBS-

As thebest ISP partner of Fortinet, Telstra PBS will continue to build "Cloud,Network and Security Convergence" products with Fortinet to createmarkets, develop ecological alliances and achieve win-win cooperation. Througha more comprehensive, efficient, intelligent, and unified SASE solution,Fortinet will provide enterprises with a more secure, reliable, and efficientnetwork connection, improve the availability and flexibility of businessapplications, create a trusted network, and achieve the goal of digital transformation.

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