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Telstra PBS Attends ServiceNow Event

Event Highlights: Telstra PBS Shines as a Speaker at ServiceNow Event

[Right: ServiceNow – Abert Li, Director; Middle: Telstra PBS – Saiping Sung, CTO& Chief of Staff; Left: ServiceNow – Elisha Harrington, Senior Director]

Telstra PBS places great importance on the development of cloud, networking, and security services and is committed to providing advanced and reliable solutions. Our continuous innovation and investment in these areas aim to meet the growing demands of our customers and help them achieve their digital transformation goals. Telstra PBS recently had the honor of being invited by ServiceNow, a leading provider of enterprise-level service management solutions, to participate as a guest speaker at a Fireside Chat session. Their flexible cloud platform is widely adopted by global leading companies and is dedicated to driving digital transformation and creating intelligent and collaborative work environments. During this Fireside Chat session, we shared digital transformation, artificial intelligence technology, and our experiences in using their platform. Here are the highlights of the event:

Session Title: "Successful Digital Transformation and AI: Insights from Telstra PBS"

Telstra PBS shared our journey of digital transformation and how we leveraged ServiceNow platform to drive operational excellence.

Key Takeaways:

  • Shared Telstra PBS's successful IT Transformation journey and shared some insight into how Telstra PBS could help customers become a Digital transformation.
  • Telstra PBS highlighted the role of ServiceNow in streamlining processes and delivering exceptional customer experiences.
  • ServiceNow shared their practical experiences with AI technology and the positive outcomes it brought to their operations.
  • Attendees gained insights into the future of digital transformation and AI trends, empowering them to drive innovation in their own organizations.

The Telstra PBS session at the ServiceNow Event was a success, inspiring attendees and fostering discussions on digital transformation and AI. Telstra PBS's expertise and partnership with ServiceNow demonstrated the power of innovation.

[Right: ServiceNow – Andy Ma, Sales Director; Middle: Telstra PBS – Saiping Sung, CTO& Chief of Staff; Left: Telstra PBS – Jackson Cai, Senior manager]

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