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Telstra PBS fights together with you against the epidemic

Telstra PBS fights together with you against the epidemic

The year 2020 unfolds in an unusual way as the outbreak of COVID-19 has drifted the whole nation into a battle against the epidemic situation. Since the government has made a quick response, the whole nation is making unified effort to fight against the COVID-19.

Under the given circumstances, Telstra PBS has actively responded to the national call. In order to reduce the personnel gathering, prevent the spread of virus and better safeguard the safety of all employees and customers, the epidemic prevention and control working group has been established to closely monitor the real-time epidemic situation as well as all employees’ health conditions while continuing to service the customers under the pandemic.

In order to provide customers with uninterrupted and stable network services, Telstra PBS Operation & Maintenance and After-sales Service Team has been fully involved in checking and monitoring the customers’ network so as to provide customers with timely after-sales remote support 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and safeguard their network operation.

Should you encounter any problems, please dial 400 700 2800 at any time for help. In addition, in case your call to 400 700 2800 cannot get through under special circumstances, you can directly dial our after-sales emergency service hotline: 199 9196 0830. We will always be here with you under this pandemic.

As the whole nation is involved in fighting against the COVID-19, we believe that we could win this battle decisively with the strong support from people throughout the nation. However, at any time, Telstra PBS will fight side by side with you and maintain your quality service from interruption.

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